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HumidifierWinter is here again and so are the many seasonal discomforts it brings with it. 2018 is predicted to be another banner year for the flu not to mention the millions of us that will suffer from colds, sinusitis, bronchitis or COPD. I happen to reside in the mid-west where it may be a balmy sixty degrees today and near zero tomorrow. All of this makes for a miserable existence when we enter our homes to escape the nasty weather outside. As the winter drags on, our homes become arid deserts inside with low humidity and high levels of static electricity. (ouch!) If you doubt the effects this dryness can have on the human body then you must live outside the lower 48 and Alaska! I personally have suffered with it all my life and it’s no laughing matter. I’ve tried just about every kind of cool mist humidifier out there both big and small. If I managed to find a decent model that worked then it usually required changing out the paper filter often to keep it operating efficiently. That’s if I could still find the correct filters to replace them.

Recently, I discovered a machine that solves all of the difficulties associated with a cool mist humidifier. It even works better than I could have imagined. The Bell & Howell Ultrasonic humidifier uses a small ceramic type filter in the bottom of the tank that can be cleaned in soap and water. It has a 1 gallon tank capacity that will last up to 24 hours and an adjustable vapor flow control knob to get the output just right. One of it’s great features is the whisper quiet operation. You can hardly hear it run. It also comes with a built in diffuser tray so you can add your favorite essential oil that releases a scented oil vapor into the air. The built-in 7 color LED light is a nice feature especially for the kid’s room. It can be set to one of seven different colors or it can be set to rotate through all seven. I’ve never used a cool mist humidifier that operates as well as this one and I highly recommend it. Target has the best price Here.

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